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Is Vegan fashion for Vegans only?

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Leather is the oldest and favourite industry all over the world when it comes to wallet, handbags and other accessories for men and women. Due to the feel and durability, regardless of price, leather is the most adaptable material.

Along with fashion, it is also mark of luxury for home décor and cars’ interiors.

So, the question is are vegan leather products for Vegans only?

Looking from sustainability point of view, one will have to evaluate the pros and cons of both leather and vegan leather materials and depending upon the conclusion one can decide that which is the better option.


pollution and health hazards for workers in making of leather materials


Most of the people are fascinated with the feel and look of the leather products but analyzing the pollution and health hazards leather industry creates, it may change their notion.

For vegan or non-leather material, looking from the prospective of planet and Eco system, one will refrain from choosing an option like PVC leather which are plastic based material and in one way or the other, still harms the animals.

The plant based Vegan leather, on the other end, are a better solution to both leather, plastic and synthetic leather. This material is created either by recycling the waste of a fruit industry or from plants without cutting and harming them.


cactus leather is a vegan and non leather material created from plants
Desserto is a vegan leather made from Cactus

For example, apple leather is created from the waste of apple peels from fruit industry while cactus leather and pineapple leather are created from the cactus leaves and pineapple without cutting the plant. Similarly, coconut leather which is created form the waste of coconut industry and cork leather which is created from the bark of cork tree without cutting it.

All these innovative non-leather alternatives are being used today to create vegan wallets, vegan shoes, vegan handbags along with small vegan accessories like card holders and card wallets for men and woman.

vegan leather wallet mens

Card wallet made with Cactus Leather

As for the luxury, the plant based vegan leather products are equally luxurious and high end as a genuine leather product. The only difference is that carrying a cruelty free non leather product, you are not only taking care of the animal but also planet and humans as well.

Choose your vegan leather accessories for men and women like card holder, card wallet, zipper wallets or crossbody bags made with different plant based vegan leather material at

And let us know which is your favourite vegan leather and why?


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