The Story


Always been fascinated by leather for being a luxurious and high-quality material and having family background (in India) of leather manufacturers and exporters, leather was the obvious choice.

Living in Europe which is one of the biggest market for leather goods, I started looking for trading or contract manufacturing for brands making leather products.

It looked like a perfect idea.

However, after exploring the industry and manufacturing process, I realized the negative impact of the industry towards creating pollution, health hazards and use of toxic chemicals. It has never bothered me before but now I was determined to explore more sustainable options.

I, then started looking for alternatives and came to know about vegan leather. However, though safe for animals, the PVC used in vegan leather products is actually hazardous for the environment.

I was back to zero after months of working on the project.

Continuing my search for better materials, I came across the term plant-based leather. I opened the blog about a company who were offering leather made from plants with zero plastic.

Then and there I knew, this is the one!

There were not many brands using plant-based leather. However, it looked like a perfect solution to create something which is better for all; humans, animals and the planet we live in.

This is when I decided to create a brand which not only offers animal free but sustainable and eco-friendly accessories.

And IKON SWEDEN was born.

After a careful and intense research about these materials and countless hit and trial methods, our first collection came out with Coconut Leather followed by two more amazing plant-based materials; Cactus and Apple leather.

Who we are

We are Scandinavia's first plant-based leather brand transforming plant waste into eco friendly, sustainable and vegan leather wallets, each being the trendiest fashion statement curated especially
for today’s conscious consumer.

All our designs are minimalist, simple and are made kept in mind the usability and need of a consumer.

Designed in Sweden, we are transforming waste into usable products and working towards conscious fashion, to contribute to a better world.

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Plant based Leather

Today, we use these new innovative plant-based materials made of coconut, cactus and apple to create stylish accessories for men and women. All these materials are totally free from harmful PVC, which is normally used in most of the vegan leather products.

Apple leather and cactus leather have a bio-based content up to 70% along with cotton backing and a layer of water-based PU for strength and are partially biodegradable. One the other hand coconut leather is 100% free from any plastic content and is 100% biodegradable.



Because all the materials we use are not machine friendly, they are therefore handcrafted from the very beginning to the end.

We do not manufacture our products in big factories. Instead we reach out the local artisan's who actually make the product. By passing the big factories help us reduce the cost and we share that with our team of artisan's.

To generate these articles, we collaborate closely with our Masterji (as we call them in India). Our craftsman from India are a true reflection of their expertise and experience.