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Collection: Small and Long Vegan Wallets for Women

Discover The Unmatched Beauty of Vegan Leather Wallets!

Our personality is a holistic attribute that includes our dressing, communication, and how we carry ourselves. Accessorizing in the right way can make or break a look; hence, it is essential to pick your accessories after much research to create a stunning look. Although several alternatives are available when it comes to accessorizing, one variety that is gaining popularity for all the right reasons is a vegan leather wallet. The vegan wallet for women is the newest addition and a sustainable wallet option that is not cruel to the environment. If you are looking for a credible provider of vegan wallets for women, look no further than the IKON SWEDEN.  

 Why trust IKON SWEDEN to avail yourself of the finest vegan wallet for women?

A trusted brand:

As Scandinavia's pioneer in plant-based leather, we're reshaping discarded plant materials into eco-friendly, sustainable, and vegan leather wallets. Each wallet embodies the latest fashion trends and is thoughtfully curated for today's environmentally conscious consumer. Our designs are characterized by their minimalist and practical appeal, carefully crafted with the consumer's usability and needs in mind. Hailing from Sweden, our mission involves:

  • Converting waste into functional products.
  • Fostering conscious fashion choices
  • Playing our part in creating a better world.

- Embrace eco-friendly fashion:

Our brand, headquartered in Stockholm, crafts vegan leather wallets and bags. Our commitment to sustainability starts with the raw materials we choose. To fulfil our commitment to offer an environment-friendly produce, we always prioritize the use of only renewable resources as well as recycled materials. We ensure that none of our materials have been tested on animals, and everything we utilize is biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

 - A unique collection:

Our cactus leather wallet collection is crafted in India using an organic material derived from Nopal cactus leaves, certified as sustainable by the USDA. This unique material is sourced from Mexico without harming the plant, ensuring a low environmental impact due to reduced water consumption. Handcrafted in India, our Cactus collection embodies biodegradability, sustainability, and eco-friendliness at its core.

Safe packaging:

Regarding our wallets, we opt for cotton canvas pouches with a purpose: these pouches are designed to be reused for storing items like jewelry, watches, coins, and more, rather than being disposed of as waste. As for our The vegan wallets for women, they come with 100% biodegradable cotton dust bags. Our e-commerce packaging boxes are constructed from partially recycled paper sourced from an FSC-accredited supplier. We aim to prioritize using biodegradable, sustainable, and eco-friendly packaging for all our products whenever feasible.