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Vegan fashion isn't just about ethics; it's about making bold statements.

Explore our collection with vibrant colors and cutting-edge designs taking center stage in 2024.

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Feels like Leather but comes from Plant

Biodegradable & Sustainable Luxury

Carry with Pride!

Vegan fashion is not merely a fleeting trend; it signifies a conscious decision towards sustainability. It's more than just carrying a fashion accessory – it's embracing a responsible lifestyle choice and wearing it with pride.

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Behind the Scene

Always fascinated by leather for being a luxurious and high-quality material and having a family background of leather manufacturers, leather was the obvious choice.

Then why Plant based ?

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Discover the Art of Crafting Wallets from Apples!

  • Vegan

    All our collections are cruelty free and vegan. Our aim is to create the luxury fashion while taking care of the planet.

  • Sustainable

    All the materials used in creating bags and wallets for you are Eco friendly, biodegradable and sustainable.

  • Packaging

    We also make our best efforts to use biodegradable & Eco Friendly lining and packaging made with cotton.