Our Story

Kamal, aspired to start his own leather business in Stockholm after coming from a family of leather makers and exporters.

Always attracted by leather for its superior quality and luxurious feel, the more he dug into the processes, the more he found that he had never considered the animals, environment, toxicity and chemicals used in its production.

This insight and nearly one-year journey inspired him to create his own company, but instead of leather, he chose Vegan Plant-based Materials, through which IKON SWEDEN was formed.


The Brand

IKON Sweden is a high-end vegan leather brand based in Stockholm and all of our articles are animal-free, sustainable as well as eco friendly.

Our products are designed with the goal of providing a classy range for both men and woman while also taking care of the planet.


Because all the materials we use are not machine friendly, they are therefore handcrafted from the very beginning to the end.

To generate these articles, we collaborate closely with our Masterji (as we call them in India). Our craftsman from India are a true reflection of their expertise and experience.


The materials we use are animal-free, biodegradable and ecologically friendly. We make every effort to adopt eco friendly materials for lining and packaging as well.

Vegan and plant-based materials includes coconut, cactus, apple and PU.



The company was started by Kamal Singh in Stockholm and is a result of hard work and team effort of our craftsmen, suppliers and designers.

The vision and mission to create a better world for both; humans and animals.