Making Fashion more Eco Friendly

We are a Stockholm based brand creating Vegan Leather Wallets and Bags . Raw material is the base of every product and using Sustainable and Recycled variants is one of our first steps towards creating environment friendly products.

As said,'' One man's trash is another man's treasure.''



Raw Material

We use plant based materials like coconut leather, apple leather or cactus leather to make our wallets and bags.

Though there are some constraints but we try to use cotton linings or lining created from waste materials where ever possible.

Future goal is to incorporate more sustainable and recycled materials when designing our products.

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We did not use boxes for our wallets which is a common packaging with most brands.

We decided for cotton canvas pouches. The idea is that the pouches can be REUSED to store jewelry, watches, coins etc., instead of ending up in trash.

The aim is to use biodegradable, sustainable and eco packaging for all the articles where ever possible.

Our Factories

We do not get our products manufactured form big factories. Instead we reach out the local artisan's who actually make the product. By passing the big factories help us reduce the cost and we share that with our team of artisan's.

We ensure that they work in a friendly and healthy environment.

The products you see are the result of a collective effort and coordination between all the members of our team.